Sussanne Skidmore

B.C. Federation of Labour Secretary-Treasurer

Sussanne Skidmore was elected BCFED Secretary-Treasurer in November 2018.

Sussanne is a well-known social justice activist, unrelenting labour leader, and a driving progressive campaigner. From 2014 to 2018, she was an Executive Vice President of the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU), which represents 67,000 working women and men.

Skidmore served in nearly every elected position in her union local—from steward to executive. As a young but seasoned union leader, Skidmore represents a generation of proud labour believers who will not be beaten down by federal, provincial or local government officials who are continually eating away at the rights workers have earned and deserve.

As a local BCGEU chairperson, Skidmore represented government administrative services workers in the Prince George area of north-central B.C. By profession, she’s a training analyst in the Court Services Branch of the Ministry of Justice where she has worked for more than a decade.

Skidmore is a former Second Vice chair of the union’s Administrative Services Component, representing over 12,000 administrative workers across the province. She has sat on both the provincial public service bargaining and component bargaining committees. Skidmore has also served as a member of the Equity and Human Rights Committee and the BCGEU Women’s Committee where she has been a voice for women’s next steps within the labour movement and fighting for fairness and equality. She has been active in her local Labour Council where she served as vice president.

Skidmore believes in standing up for labour’s heritage, for workers’ rights and for the hope of family-supporting jobs that afford workers a life of respect and opportunities. She’s also a supporter of using new technology and new ways of communicating directly with members, decision-makers and the public. Her work has also included identifying approaches aimed at growing the BCGEU’s base with new young workers who’ve not had previous ties with the labour movement.

In addition, Skidmore has been an active member of the Prince George-Valemount NDP executive team since 2003, and took on fundraising and voter contact responsibilities in the 2005 and 2009 provincial elections. In 2013, Skidmore ran for the NDP Provincial MLA position in the Nechako Lakes region.

She is also active in her community, organizing Pride and other social justice activities.