Anne Lévesque

Anne Lévesque

Director of Finance and Operations

T: 604-695-2021

Anne joins SHARE with decades of experience supporting business development strategies for various Canadian organizations, including the Canadian River Institute, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Wildsight.

She is known for her expertise in developing effective operational plans, managing growth strategies, leading national and international projects, as well as developing successful business partnerships with public and private stakeholders.

Anne has also assisted as a consultant and a board member for dozens of organizations, public funds and networks involved in provincial, federal, and international sustainability initiatives. She has a solid track record building respectful relationship with all levels of government; First Nations, community leaders, corporate entities, NGOs, academic institutions and, public and private investors. 

Anne holds an M.B.A. with a specialization in public relations and communications management from Royal Roads University, and currently serves as an advisor to the Global Nature Fund.