About the Covid Tracker

About SHARE’s Covid Tracker

We created this tool to allow investors, researchers and the public to monitor how leading Canadian companies are stacking up in their responses to Covid-19. The Tracker reports on key “ESG” variables at the companies listed on the TSX 60.

The tool will allow you to explore issues like worker health & financial security or financial stewardship in more detail. You can also review a profile of each company’s response in more detail.

As you review the tables, you will see a combination of narrative comments provided by SHARE’s staff, as well as a few quantitative values.

Each company has been assigned an “impact assessment”, which correlates to SHARE’s view  of the overall effects of the pandemic on the company. It is a qualitative assessment that incorporates issues like worker health and safety, revenue impacts and supply chain impacts.

For this tool, we are collecting information from three sources:

  • A survey sent to all 60 companies in the database.
  • Public statements from the companies, such as news releases quarterly earnings reports and regulatory filings.
  • Mainstream news reports.

In some cases, we have noted that a company has declined to respond, has simply not replied to our survey, or has asked for additional time to respond. We will be continuing to update the database over the coming weeks.

If you have any specific questions about any of the areas we are reviewing, or specific companies, please feel free to get in touch with the SHARE team. Please email Anthony Schein with any questions.

Check back soon, as new information is being added regularly, and of course, the situation in Canada is in a state of flux.

We will also be adding analysis on the SHARE blog based on our findings.

We would like to thank the team at Just Capital, whose pandemic response database gave us guidance in developing this tool. The Just Capital database monitors American firms. Credit is also due to the development team at Campaign Gears.

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