Asset Manager Questionnaire

In 2022, SHARE worked with a group of Canadian universities to develop a common questionnaire to assess asset managers’ ESG performance on a year-over-year basis and to provide a framework for asset manager performance evaluation and oversight.

A well-designed questionnaire can offer a more robust and comparable view of the efforts of – and challenges faced by – each of the university’s asset managers in implementing the asset owner’s ESG policies and priorities. A questionnaire should be designed to evaluate actual practices and outcomes, cutting through the noise of green- and impact-washing and marketing.

Because universities share common objectives in exercising oversight of their asset managers on ESG performance, there is an advantage in designing a common ESG survey template that multiple universities could deploy with their individual asset managers. A common question-set enables cross-institution comparison, facilitates robust review across E as well as S and G considerations, and drives further ESG innovation among managers. Further, it helps to limit “survey fatigue” and duplication of effort by managers that serve numerous universities.

The questionnaire is being developed in two stages. An initial version is being used currently by selected universities, and based on an analysis of responses received, we will be working together to adapt the questionnaire and issuing a final version in late 2023.

Beyond a core base of queries, the questionnaire design features separate modules covering the following key themes in more depth:

  • Climate action & environmental sustainability
  • Racial justice & Indigenous reconciliation
  • Human rights & decent work

This modular approach allows universities to tailor the focus of the questionnaire depending on the priorities of their own institution.

The participating universities have elected to make the questionnaire available to other asset owners so that we can collectively improve our oversight efforts and develop a more consistent and comparable approach for asset manager expectations that is less burdensome on these service providers.

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Asset Manager Questionnaires

We invite any asset owner to use the questions in these modules to facilitate deeper and more effective discussions with your service providers on these ESG concerns

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Kevin Thomas
Written By:

Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer of the Shareholder Association for Research and Education. Kevin joined SHARE in 2013 as a Senior Analyst on social issues and became Executive Director in 2018.

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