Athabasca University Online Course – Introduction to Pension Representation

Athabasca University, Canada’s Open and Distance University, is developing a course in consultation with SHARE, that should be of interest to all those who serve as pension representatives or give guidance to representatives and pension fund members or simply just want to know more about their pensions.  This course will be available by late 2009 or early 2010.

It is a 3 credit university course Introduction to Pension Representation (HRMT 208) and is open to anyone – no previous education standing is needed to apply for admission. You can study this course at home and at a pace that suits your commitments, aided of course by Athabasca University tutors either via the phone or on-line. If we have enough students in any one location a traditional face-to-face course may be arranged with a partner institution.

The course is about the basics of the Canadian pension and retirement savings system, and the role and responsibilities of those involved in the governance of pension and retirement savings plans in Canada. It is intended to offer practical knowledge that you can use and will benefit anyone involved in, or interested in, the process of overseeing a pension or retirement savings plan, particularly those who serve as trustees, advisory members or committee members of governance bodies (for example, pension committees, boards of trustees, investment committees, compensation committees and trustee advisory groups).

The course is divided into the following four units:
Unit 1. Pension and Savings Plans in Canada
Unit 2. Fiduciary Duties
Unit 3. Plan Governance
Unit 4. Administration and Service Providers


For more information, visit Athabasca University’s website or contact Bruce Spencer | 1-800-788-9041 ext. 6347

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