SHARE supports passing of Bill S-211, Modern Slavery Act, but more work needs to be done

We are pleased to see the adoption of Bill S-211, the Modern Slavery Act, following its third reading in the House of Commons this May 3, 2023.

For nearly a decade, SHARE has worked with responsible investors, civil society organizations, and elected officials to advocate for regulatory action to prevent human rights abuses, including modern slavery in supply chains.

As SHARE has argued previously, including in testimony to House and Senate committees regarding this legislation, the Modern Slavery Act falls far short of what is ultimately needed.

Rather that making Canada a leader in human rights due diligence, the Modern Slavery Act only narrows the gap between the legislative requirements here and among peer countries.

Nevertheless, the adoption of Bill S-211 is an important milestone. We intend to continue working with investors, corporate issuers, civil society groups, and lawmakers to build on these new protections.

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Anthony Schein
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Anthony Schein

Anthony Schein is the Director of Shareholder Advocacy at SHARE. Prior to joining SHARE, Anthony spent almost a decade in senior roles at an Ontario public sector trade union, where he worked with senior leadership on advocacy, governance, campaigns and negotiations. Anthony has also worked extensively in municipal, provincial and federal politics, both in government and on election campaigns.

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