Key votes for 2014 Key Proxy Vote Survey released

Twenty-seven votes have been selected for the 2014 Canadian Key Proxy Vote Survey, covering corporate governance, executive compensation, environmental and social reporting, and more. The 2014 Key Proxy Vote Survey gives pension trustees, foundations, religious investors and other institutional investors an opportunity to encourage their investment managers and proxy service providers to disclose how they voted on the most important ballot issues in 2014.

The 2014 survey form was sent to approximately 60 investment managers and proxy voting service providers that vote the proxy ballots of Canadian companies on behalf of pension plans and other institutional investors. Survey results will be released in February 2015. For previous years’ results, see our “proxy voting reports” archive.

If your investment manager has not responded in the past, declined to respond to the survey or simply did not receive the survey, here are some steps that you can take to encourage them to respond to the survey in 2014. You can find the list of participating firms and link to non-respondents on the website.

Encouraging your proxy voting agents to respond to SHARE’s survey promotes transparency in the investment industry and allows asset owners to gain an understanding of proxy issues and the justifications for voting decisions that were made on your behalf.

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