Launch of Valuing Decent Work Project with the Atkinson Foundation

SHARE is excited to launch its Valuing Decent Work project, which is mobilizing Canadian investors to advocate for robust decent work policies and practices by educating investors, corporate boards and other stakeholders on the importance of decent work for company performance and value creation.

One of the impediments to promoting decent work practices in large corporations is the belief that employees are a cost to the business as opposed to an investment in the business. Rather than being viewed as the “engine” that drives the company, workers are too often viewed as the “gas” – to be sourced as cheaply as possible.

SHARE’s Valuing Decent Work project is changing the narrative of decent work from one of cutting costs towards a recognition of the value of providing workers with living wages, job security, training opportunities and rewarding work, and demonstrating stronger institutional investor interest in decent work outcomes. See a recent analysis here of the link between wages and profitability.

Stay tuned for more case studies, investor events and webinars.


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