Toronto Metropolitan University joins SHARE’s UNIE Program to advance climate engagement

We are pleased to announce that Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) has joined SHARE’s engagement program as part of the University Network for Investor Engagement (UNIE).

As part of UNIE, TMU will work with SHARE to advance climate investment priorities and deepen its investor advocacy and stewardship efforts in line with environmental, social and governance (ESG) guidelines.

Alongside UNIE’s diverse network of post-secondary institutions, TMU will participate in  collaborative engagements aimed at accelerating the transition to a net zero economy. Engagement — the process of communicating, educating, and persuading a company to act on critical issues as  shareholders and overall stakeholders—enables institutional investors, including universities, to use their voices to support better corporate sustainability policies and practices. TMU will be working with companies on climate-related risks and opportunities, using their shareholder voice to advocate for changes and improvements to corporate sustainability practices and policies.

“We are excited to be working alongside TMU as they commit to progressing meaningful environmental change through shareholder engagement,” said Jennifer Story, SHARE’s Acting Director of Shareholder Engagement and Advocacy.

“We continue to see universities making commitments to sustainability, and these commitments are strengthened through investor engagement. TMU is now among a group of universities leading the way through active ownership.”

“As part of SHARE’s University Network for Investor Engagement, we look forward to engaging companies and moving the needle on corporate sustainability,” shared Anna Zsamboki, Director, Treasury & Investing Services at Toronto Metropolitan University.

“Joining UNIE is one of multiple efforts we are including in our responsible investing framework, and we are excited to be working alongside SHARE’s team to lead engagement efforts.”

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