Canada: Using benefits, pension programs to maximize CSR policies

By February 22, 2019In the News

CSR Journal – Though the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ varies across companies and countries, it’s generally considered to be a form of organizational self-regulation focusing on an employer’s approach to sustainability across a variety of topics, such as environmental efforts, human rights, corporate governance, health and safety and economic development.

Kevin Thomas, executive director of the Shareholder Association for Research and Education, says pension plan administrators or trustees that aren’t looking at ESG factors aren’t doing their jobs. “It’s well-understood now to include consideration of ESG questions,” he says. “In fact, it is arguably necessary to address if they are material to the investment you hold. For example, if you look at the future of our economy here in Canada, to not consider climate change as part of your assessment would be a breach of your fiduciary duty.”