Stewardship of Workers’ Capital

The CCSN works to make meaningful changes in capital markets, through advocacy for the equitable management of workers’ capital.

Driving Decent Work in Private Markets

The CCSN is undertaking an initiative to encourage pension funds to implement proactive measures to promote safe, sustainable and responsible business practices.

Network for Union Members & Trustees

Union representatives and trustees work together to drive forward progress on the management of workers’ capital.

Mobilizing Workers’ Capital for a Just and Sustainable Future

Workers’ deferred wages and retirement savings in Canada amount to over $2 trillion. This money is invested in markets across the globe.

Although workers are the indirect owners of countless public companies, infrastructure projects, real estate, private funds and other assets, they have very little control over how their capital is invested.

The CCSN is an action-oriented movement of trade union representatives and labour-nominated fund trustees committed to mobilizing workers’ capital to uphold the rights of workers, their families and their communities.

About Workers’ Capital & Capital Stewardship

Workers have organized and bargained collectively to ensure entitlements to benefits and security throughout their working lives and into retirement. These deferred wages and savings – known as “workers’ capital” – are accumulated in collectively funded pools such as pension plans, strike funds and benefit plans.

This capital can be a tremendous source of power in building an economy that upholds workers’ rights and advances broader societal goals for a just and sustainable economy.

Capital stewardship refers to the rights and responsibilities that investors have as shareholders and owners of assets. Once an investment decision is made, investors can use their voices as shareholders to support corporate practices that protect human and labour rights.

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Resources from the CCSN

Trustees Driving Real World Impact

Read an interview with Cheri Hearty, a Canadian union-elected trustee and co-chair of the Pension Plan for the Employees of the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union since 2019. Despite being from a smaller plan, Cheri’s knows how to pack a big punch when it comes to ESG issues.

Investor Oversight of Responsible Real Estate Standards during COVID-19

Property cleaners are overworked, underpaid and under protected, despite responsible investment policies from building owners. To better understand the approaches to workforce risks in real estate, this report engaged 10 of the largest pension funds in Canada on their response to the pandemic.

Webinar: Proxy Voting Power

Voting rights attached to common shares have the power to change markets for the better. Shareholder voting rights allow asset owners to influence the behaviour of companies on issues that hold implications for workers and their communities. This webinar looks at how asset owners can ensure that their fund is seizing the power of proxy voting.

Meet the Secretariat

The CCSN secretariat is based at SHARE and was launched at the 2020 SHARE Investor Summit. The CCSN draws strategic guidance from an advisory board of union representatives.

Tamara Herman

Associate Director, Capital Strategies



Tamara joined the SHARE team in 2016, and has consistently worked with the Global Unions Committee on Workers’ Capital (CWC) and Canadian Capital Stewardship Network (CCSN), providing support to trade unions and their pension decision-makers on issues related to workers’ capital stewardship and responsible investment. She is also a member of SHARE’s Responsible Investment Leadership Team.

Prior to joining SHARE, Tamara worked nationally and internationally on environmental and social issues. Her experience includes working on social policy at the Carnegie Community Action Project and the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group, as well as trade and human rights issues at Rights & Democracy.

Tamara holds a Master’s degree in Studies in Policy and Practice from the University of Victoria, where her research focused on mining, corporate social responsibility and land acquisition in Mexico. Tamara has completed the Canadian Securities Institute/Moody’s Analytics Learning Solutions’ Canadian Securities Course.

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