Dragonfly Ventures joins SHARE’s Engagement Services

SHARE will help Dragonfly vote its shares at company meetings and engage company management on climate change, environmental protection & Indigenous reconciliation

May 21, 2020  Dragonfly Ventures is partnering with the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE) to play an active role as a shareholder in improving the environmental, social and corporate governance practices of the global companies in its portfolio. SHARE will be helping Dragonfly to vote its shares at company meetings and will engage company management on climate change, environmental protection, and Indigenous reconciliation, amongst other matters.

“Being an active owner is more important than ever right now,” says Kevin Thomas, SHARE’s CEO. “Dragonfly is making a difference not just by carefully selecting what goes into the investment portfolio, but by using its voice and rights as a shareholder to support best practices, raise standards, and help build a more sustainable and equitable economy for everyone.”

“We’re working with SHARE and its broad group of institutional investors to demonstrate leadership on the things that matter to us as investors and citizens” says Annabelle White, Co-CEO of Dragonfly Ventures. “Experience has shown us that investors need to speak up and be part of the solution if we want to see a more resilient and sustainable future.”

About Dragonfly Ventures
We are a private family office hoping to make a difference by aligning our financial investments in the long-term health and resilience of both humanity and the planet. We will be launching our website in June.

SHARE is a Canadian leader in responsible investment services, research and education for institutional investors and offers proxy voting, shareholder engagement and consulting services, education and timely research that help investors integrate environmental, social and governance issues in the investment management process.


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