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Canadian launch of proxy voting service

Bankless Times - Two Canadian leaders in responsible investment services have partnered to create the new GIR, a joint venture aimed to become the sole Canadian provider of proxy voting services for institutional investors from coast to coast.

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Investing and Indigenous Rights

Morningstar - Last week Vancouver-based mutual fund company, Leith Wheeler, funded research by SHARE into the best due diligence practices for investors to assess free, prior and informed consent compliance when engaging with indigenous communities.

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More corporate meetings to go virtual after success during pandemic

The Canadian Press – The pandemic's eruption at the start of AGM season this year forced many companies to cancel their in-person events and figure out how to use technology for a virus-free meeting. The online migration was a scramble for most, as Canadian organizations have been much slower to adopt virtual meetings than their counterparts in the United States.

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Investors Need to Act on Systemic Discrimination

Morningstar – There is no doubt that bias – around race, around gender, around ableism – contributes to the uneven distribution of opportunities, protections, and wealth across society, resulting in systemic, institutionalized discrimination. This issue lurks in investment portfolios and explains much of the observed inequality between the haves- and have-nots.

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The Votes Are in at Tim Hortons

Morningstar - With the pandemic affecting frontline workers at Restaurant Brands International, investors and activists were closely watching the vote on worker rights, which ended up with 37% support, up from 25% the previous year. Shareholder advocacy group SHARE filed the workforce practices proposal on behalf of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation.

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