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Warning: garment may contain slave labour

Corporate Knights - The idea was simple. Walk into the mall on a busy Saturday afternoon and turn ethical labelling on its head in an effort to understand consumer behaviour. How would people react to the possibility that a nine-year-old Bangladeshi girl paid a below-living wage had sewn the latest and greatest top?

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Canadian energy far from future-proof

Morningstar - Shareholders voted down climate-related targets at Cenovus Energy recently - Laura Gosset at SHARE, who worked to file to the proposal, discusses sector progress and steps to resilience

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Gender diversity wins with shareholders

Investment Executive - Advocates for socially responsible investment and good corporate governance are touting the first win for a shareholder proposal dedicated to improving gender diversity at a Canadian firm. SHARE is pleased to report that a proxy proposal on diversity filed by the British Columbia Teachers Federation received 64.5% shareholder support at Waste Connections Inc.’s annual meeting.

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Advancing Reconciliation through Responsible Investment

Coast Funds - Coast Funds is working to align our investment strategies with our values, including recent work to conduct a proxy voting audit. Responsible investment has emerged as one of the many paths organizations can take to advance reconciliation. That includes a proxy voting audit, with the help of SHARE, that helped us develop our own proxy voting guidelines.

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Opinion: It’s time for investors to do more to advance reconciliation

The Montreal Gazette -  Although Indigenous peoples have had a visible and growing presence in Canada’s business, political and cultural life, when it comes to Canadians’ investment dollars, Indigenous rights and culture are still too often an afterthought.In its final report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission called upon all sectors of Canadian society to contribute to reconciliation.

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