SHARE Annual Reports


SHARE Annual Report 2016
SHARE’s organization-wide annual report outlines our activities and achievements over 2016. The report highlights our work in the areas of climate change, political spending, decent work and building sustainable capital markets.2015.  

February 2017


SHARE Annual Activity Report 2015
Don’t miss our annual report outlining our activities and achievements in 2015.  

March 2016

Shareholder Engagement Plan Snapshot 2016
See where SHARE’s engagement team will be focusing its efforts in 2016 including our priority issues and focus companies.  

January 2016


SHARE Annual Activity Report 2014
Our Annual Report outlines SHARE’s activities and achievements in 2014 related to our responsible investment services, educational events and research.
March 2015

Shareholder Engagement Plan 2015
SHARE’s engagement plan for 2015 includes an overview of the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues that SHARE’s team will be focusing on and a list of focus companies.
January 2015


SHARE Annual Activity Report 2013
SHARE’s First Annual Report outlines SHARE’s activities and achievements in 2013.
March 2014