Educational Resources


Leadership Profile: Catherine Donnelly Foundation

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation (CDF) was established in 2003 with an endowment from a remarkable group of women, the Sisters of Service (SOS). It manages its endowment through a responsible investing lens involving the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in all investment decisions.

November 2019

Leadership Profile: Ottawa Community Foundation 

The Ottawa Community Foundation (OCF) is a public foundation established in 1987 to serve a broad range of charitable purposes primarily within the Ottawa region. They distribute grants to over 500 charities per year. Like any community foundation, revenue for granting comes from building an endowment fund and generating interest from investments.

November 2019

Banking on a Low-Carbon Future: Finance in a Time of Climate Crisis

This report by Boston Common Asset Management in partnership with SHARE and other regional partners is the fifth annual study of how global banks are managing climate risks and opportunities. It builds on last year’s report, which shifted emphasis from bank policies to implementation and action.

November 2019

Moving Capital, Shifting Power

CCAB and SHARE have identified opportunities for investment organizations to contribute to economic reconciliation and the development of Indigenous training, employment, contracting and advancement opportunities, as well as direct investment in Indigenous-owned businesses.

September 2019

Déplacement du capital, transfert du pouvoir

CCAB et SHARE ont identifié des possibilités pour les organisations d’investissement de contribuer à la réconciliation économique et au développement de possibilités de formation, d’emploi, de passation de marchés et de perfectionnement, ainsi qu’à l’investissement direct dans des entreprises appartenant à des autochtones.

juin 2019

Advancing Reconciliation in Canada: a Guide for Investors

We hope this guide helps investment organizations across Canada to think about the role that they can play to advance reconciliation by providing tangible steps and case studies.

March 2019


Trustee Guidance on Decent Work

This guide is a product of the VALUING DECENT WORK INITIATIVE – a joint initiative of SHARE and the Atkinson Foundation. We are increasing the visibility of decent work as an important investment consideration in capital markets and mobilizing investors to advocate for robust decent work policies and practices in investee companies.

October 2017

Valoriser le travail décent: un guide pour les investisseurs

Ce guide est un produit de l’INITIATIVE VALORISER LE TRAVAIL DÉCENT, une initiative conjointe de SHARE et de l’Atkinson Foundation. Nous augmentons la visibilité du travail décent comme facteur d’investissement important dans les marchés de capitaux et nous mobilisons les investisseurs dans la défense de politiques et de bonnes pratiques de travail décent dans les sociétés

octobre 2017


Integrating the Economy and the Environment: An Overview of Canadian Capital Markets

This paper provides an overview of the investment value chain and identifies some of the barriers to integrating sustainability into capital markets as well as opportunities to better align Canada’s financial system to the goals of building a resilient and robust economy while maintaining Canada’s natural capital and enhancing the prosperity of all Canadians.

October 2015

Climate Change and the Fiduciary Duties of Pension Trustees in Canada

SHARE commissioned Koskie Minsky LLP to prepare a report providing a legal perspective on Canadian pension trustees’ fiduciary duties in relation to the growing threat climate change poses to the value of their investments.

October 2015


Active Ownership Tools for Faith Based Investors

Workshop report outlining different approaches to responsible investment.

December 2011


Questions for Investment Managers on Facing the Financial Crisis

A list of questions trustees can ask their investment managers and related service providers regarding the impact of the financial crisis on their portfolios.

July 2010


Responsible Investment Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide practical tools for pension funds, foundations and endowments interested in learning about responsible investment and incorporating responsible investment practices into their investment management.

August 2008


Active Shareholdership for Corporate Social Responsibility in Canada

Analysis and recommendations for how to grow responsible investment activism in Canada.

November 2005

Acting Like Owners: Proxy Voting, Corporate Engagement and the Fiduciary Responsibilities of Pension Trustees

Proxy Voting, Corporate Engagement, and the Fiduciary Responsibilities of Pension Trustees.

June 2005

A Flexible Approach for Changing Times

Fiduciary Duties, Investment Screening and Economically Targeted Investing

May 2005

Second Class Investors

The use and abuse of subordinated shares in Canada.

April 2004

Active Trustee Practices Guide

How to Incorporate Active Trustee Practices into Pension Plan Investment Policies

April 2002

Canadian Institutional Shareholder Activism

Can institutional shareholders deliver long-term value without regulatory reform?

February 2002