Letter to US SEC about Rule 14a-8

SHARE CEO Kevin Thomas comments on the rules proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on November 5th, 2019. SHARE believes both proposals are arbitrary, costly, counter-productive and detrimental to the workings of capital markets and the private ordering of shareholder and management relationships.

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Annual Report 2019

Making an Impact, Together

Since 2000, the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE) has built a community of values-driven investors who are committed to amplifying their voices in support of a sustainable, inclusive and productive economy.

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Canada’s oil sands tailings reclamation: an unfunded liability?

This investor brief examines how reclamation liabilities have the potential to impact expenditures, the value of assets, access to capital, and overall financial condition of companies.

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2020 Shareholder Engagement Snapshot

SHARE’s engagement service helps institutional investors become active owners by facilitating constructive shareholder dialogues with companies on key environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues.

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2020 Lignes directrices sur le vote par procuration

Les Lignes directrices 2020 soulignent l'importance du capital des travailleurs, des droits du travail, des droits humains et l'action environnementale.

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2020 Proxy Voting Guidelines

SHARE's Model Proxy Voting Guidelines are published annually. The 2020 Guidelines highlight the importance of human capital, labour rights, human rights in the context of censorship, and environmental issues.

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Leadership Profile: Ottawa Community Foundation 

The Ottawa Community Foundation (OCF) is a public foundation established in 1987 to serve a broad range of charitable purposes primarily within the Ottawa region. They distribute grants to over 500 charities per year. Like any community foundation, revenue for granting comes from building an endowment fund and generating interest from investments.

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Banking on a Low-Carbon Future: Finance in a Time of Climate Crisis

This report by Boston Common Asset Management in partnership with SHARE and other regional partners is the fifth annual study of how global banks are managing climate risks and opportunities. It builds on last year’s report, which shifted emphasis from bank policies to implementation and action.

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Moving Capital, Shifting Power

CCAB and SHARE have identified opportunities for investment organizations to contribute to economic reconciliation and the development of Indigenous training, employment, contracting and advancement opportunities, as well as direct investment in Indigenous-owned businesses.

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Letter to US SEC about June 21, 2019 Rule 14a-8 Stakeholder Meeting

SHARE is concerned with the potential change in practice at the SEC in which some “no action” requests would not receive a written decision.

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Déplacement du capital, transfert du pouvoir

CCAB et SHARE ont identifié des possibilités pour les organisations d’investissement de contribuer à la réconciliation économique et au développement de possibilités de formation, d’emploi, de passation de marchés et de perfectionnement, ainsi qu’à l’investissement direct dans des entreprises appartenant à des autochtones.

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Advancing Reconciliation in Canada: a Guide for Investors

We hope this guide helps investment organizations across Canada to think about the role that they can play to advance reconciliation by providing tangible steps and case studies.

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