Lever le voile

L’impact du lobbying des entreprises sur les engagements climatiques des compagnies pétrolières et gazières canadiennes

Lever le voile, Septembre 2022. Cette année, SHARE publie son deuxième indice de référence sur le lobbying climatique en s’appuyant surla méthodologie et les objectifs de l’indice de référence de 2020.

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Pulling back the curtain

The impact of corporate lobbying on Canadian oil and gas climate commitments

"Pulling back the curtain," September 2022. Our second climate lobbying benchmark builds on the 2020 benchmark, providing an updated analysis of 13 companies listed in the TSX Capped Energy Index.

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Webinar: Accelerating Accountability at Tesla’s 2022 Shareholder Meeting

Hosted by IASJ and featuring SHARE's Simon Lewchuk, this webinar provides an overview of human rights and climate-related shareholder proposals at Tesla's 2022 AGM.

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Proxy Alert: Shareholder Proposal on Freedom of Association at Tesla

Tesla's role in the world's transition to sustainable energy should not come at the expense of fundamental labour rights. Shareholders need greater clarity on how Tesla has interfered with workers’ efforts to join and form trade unions and how the company is respecting the rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

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