SHARE works with institutional investors to develop a clear vision, framework and strategy for implementing responsible investment.

SHARE can help your fund develop responsible investment beliefs and incorporate these into existing investment policies and practices. SHARE’s approach to responsible investment strategy development is summarized here.


Develop an understanding of responsible investment (RI) strategies, best practices and methods for governing RI implementation.

  • Peer review
  • Best practices
  • Different RI strategies
  • Case studies

Establish a plan for developing RI strategy including consulting with stakeholders, identifying roles and responsibilities, accessing external resources, and seeking input and feedback.

  • Establish working group
  • Survey of beneficiaries’ expectations
  • Identify external experts

Articulate a set of RI beliefs and integrate them into investment policies and practices. Communicate with service providers as well as more broadly with beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

  • Write RI beliefs
  • Seek feedback from stakeholders
  • Assess alignment with investment policies
  • Share beliefs with service providers and include in new mandates

Monitor and review responsible investment policies and strategies to ascertain their effectiveness in achieving the desired impact and objectives.

  • Monitor and report on implementation of investment beliefs
  • Assess implementation across investment strategies and asset classes

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