Shareholder Engagement Report Q3 2010

By October 20, 2010News

This quarter, SHARE lead shareholder engagement with 48 companies on a range of issues including toxic chemicals, sustainable forestry, precarious employment, human rights, sustainable coffee sourcing, executive compensation (‘say on pay’) and sustainability reporting.

Q3 Highlights:

  • Talisman Energy, Trican Well Service, and Imperial Oil responded to our request for information on company efforts to protect water resources during hydraulic fracturing.
  • Imperial Oil is designing wells to prevent hydrocarbons from migrating to water sources and has plans to drill monitoring wells to gather baseline data and monitor groundwater.
  • SHARE provided feedback to Encana Corporation on the information posted on the company’s website since June 2010 regarding hydraulic fracturing.
  • A letter was sent to Great West Lifeco inquiring about its plans to improve disclosure of its sustainable paper procurement efforts and adopt a paper procurement policy.
  • SHARE provided suggestions for the Yellow Pages Group paper procurement policy in order to fulfill the expectations of investors regarding sustainable forestry best practices.
  • SHARE wrote to seven companies on behalf of the Atkinson Foundation highlighting our progress with responsible contracting and procurement practices with Canadian companies.

Download File: Shareholder Engagement Report Q3 2010