National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: Owning our Shared History and Mobilizing Together as Investors

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By: Katie Wheatley and Mark Sevestre, Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative

Across Turtle Island, we have witnessed a renewed outpouring of grief and outrage in recent months, as the uncovering of thousands of unmarked children’s graves have served as horrific reminders of Canada’s long legacy of colonialism and assimilation, including the residential school system.

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Indigenous perspectives on obligation, wealth, trusts, & fiduciary duty

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What is an Indigenous law understanding of the duties of someone who holds assets in trust for the benefit of others?
What can Indigenous legal orders and traditions tell us about the duties of Indigenous trustees?
How does Indigenous law speak to the issues of applying Indigenous values, beliefs, and interests in investment policy?

In the spring, RRII launched research with Dr. John Borrows (Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law, University of Victoria) and Shayla Praud (Research Associate, University of Victoria) to explore these and other questions on fiduciary duty in relation to Indigenous laws and traditions. Since then, the research team has delved into powerful teachings of sustainability, stewardship, and responsibility in relation to obligation, wealth, trusts, and fiduciary duty.

Join SHARE and NATOA and the research team as we explore the key findings and implications of this exciting research!