SHARE launches its US & Global Equities Shareholder Engagement Program

SHARE is proud to announce its new US & Global Equities Shareholder Engagement Program, a new way for our community to extend its influence and advocate for a sustainable, inclusive and productive economy.

For years, SHARE has developed an impressive track record in engaging with companies outside Canada on an individual basis for some institutional investors, achieving results with larger US companies and playing a leading role in collaborative projects on climate change, decent work, and modern slavery. We have a strong international network and we will build on our experience and networks to provide a meaningful and effective international program for our members.

SHARE’s new US & Global Equities Shareholder Engagement Program will focus on many of the issues that form part of our Canadian Equities program (e.g. climate change, decent work, gender equity, human rights, executive compensation), with the potential to add other issues specific to the jurisdiction or specific to sectors that are not as well-represented in the Canadian market.

We welcome the many SHARE members that have helped to launch this new initiative and look forward to helping them expand their impact advocacy into new realms in 2019. If your fund is interested in participating, please reach out to SHARE for more information.

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