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CEC’s development was inspired by Canada’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance, which in 2019 made a series of recommendations to align Canada’s financial system with a low carbon future. One of the Expert Panel’s recommendations was to establish a national engagement program, akin to Climate Action 100+, to drive a broader and more consistent dialogue with Canadian issuers around climate risks and opportunities.

SHARE is proud to be a founding partner of Climate Engagement Canada, and one of four investor networks coordinating the dissemination of the program.

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Meet the Engagement Secretariat

CEC is led by several investor networks including SHARE, the Responsible Investment Association (RIA), and Ceres. The RIA and SHARE serve as the joint secretariat for CEC.

Amanda Carr

Associate Director, Climate Advocacy


Amanda has worked as an international environmental consultant and managed the corporate engagement strategy for a $3.4 billion ethical investment fund. She brings two decades of experience in understanding environmental policy, regulation and business risk.  Amanda founded and established the successful CanopyStyle initiative which brings together over 520 clothing retailers and fabric producers representing over $890 billion dollars in annual revenue to build collaborative systems and tools that are safeguarding supply chains from the use of endangered forests and driving new raw material innovation.

In 2007, Amanda worked collaboratively with First Nation leaders, federal and provincial governments, forest companies, investors and philanthropic foundations to secure the largest public-private conservation financing package in global history.  This fund facilitated the protection of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest and establishing cutting-edge approaches to sustainable forestry and local human wellbeing through a conservation-based economy in the region.

Early on in her career, Amanda spent a lot of time using her environmental science degree in the field.  From being the boat driver for a team of whale researchers, swimming the Santa Cruz watershed counting salmon, to walking rice paddies to develop mitigation strategies for power distribution projects in Viet Nam these “rubber boots on the ground” experiences fuel her passion for working with business on systemic solutions for our planet.

Omar Dominguez

Manager, Corporate Engagement & Advocacy


Omar is a social planner with a diverse background leading sustainable finance, urban planning, government relations, and public engagement initiatives across multiple sectors. He has advised a wide range of international actors including institutional investors, business executives, senior government officials, and Indigenous and not-for-profits leaders. He is the former Director of Government Relations and Sector Development at Vantage Point. In this role, Omar led advocacy efforts for a public policy environment that would strengthen B.C.’s not-for-profit sector. Omar also co-founded Happy City, an urban planning and design consultancy that uses the science of wellbeing to help create healthier, happier, and more inclusive communities. Omar’s career has focused on mobilizing a wide diversity of actors working together to advance practical actions and policies that strengthen communities and the environment.

Omar has a degree in International Business from the Technological Institute of Monterrey in Mexico City. While pursuing his MA in Community Development and Social Planning in the University of British Columbia, Omar co-founded a network of students, researchers, and practitioners advocating Canadian universities to incorporate responsible investment practices into the management of their endowments and pension funds.

Keira Kang

Program Officer, Climate Engagement Canada


Keira serves as a Program Officer within the Climate Engagement Canada program, where she contributes to research and corporate engagement activities. In this capacity, she supports more than 45 CEC investors in their efforts to engage with high carbon-emitting companies, aiming to facilitate the transition to a net-zero economy.

Keira has a background in environmental policy and program co-ordination, with three years of experience in the non-profit sector and within UN entities. She has attained a Master of Information degree focusing on Critical Information Policy, from the University of Toronto, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in International Development from McGill University.