What We Do

Using shareholder engagement, advisory services, research and education, SHARE—the Shareholder Association for Research and Education—helps investors steward their assets in ways that contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.

Through our investor services and diverse investor initiatives, SHARE has built a network of institutional investors with more than $90 billion in assets under management. With SHARE’s support, these organizations are advocating for better corporate sustainability practices, exercising their proxy voting rights responsibly, and promoting greater transparency and accountability across capital markets.


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Leading By Example

Who We Are

SHARE leads by example. We are a non-profit organization, a unionized workplace, and a certified living wage employer. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive organization; to standing up for social, economic and racial justice; to defending Indigenous rights and being allies with Indigenous peoples; and to protecting our climate and the earth’s ecosystems.

Our History

For over two decades, SHARE has been helping institutional investors better understand responsible investment approaches and steward their assets in ways that contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.

SHARE was founded in 2000, and officially launched at the BC Federation of Labour annual convention. SHARE was a first for Canada: a unionized, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the responsible investment of workers’ capital.

Positioned at the forefront of emerging environmental, social and corporate governance issues—including Indigenous rights, “Say on Pay,” corporate lobbying, climate change and decent work—SHARE has grown in new directions. Today, more than 120 investors, including foundations, asset managers, Indigenous trusts, universities, and religious investors, seek to contribute their assets to our common mission of building a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Annual Reports

View our annual reports to learn more about our work over the years, and our growing and evolving areas of impact.

Our Approach

SHARE follows a four-prong approach to responsible investing for a sustainable economy, encapsulating our values of integrity, collaboration, inclusivity, and action-driven results.

Embracing the Power of Cooperation

SHARE amplifies the voices of small- and medium-sized investors through cooperation. Our collaborative service model allows relatively small investors to participate in a comprehensive responsible investment program that is cost-effective, results-driven and adaptable to any type of investment strategy.

Helping Investors Become Active Owners

SHARE’s shareholder engagement and proxy voting services help institutional investors become active owners by facilitating constructive shareholder dialogues with companies on key environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues, and exercising their voting rights in an effective and responsible way.

Building Investor Leadership

Integrating sustainability into investment decisions requires leadership from those appointed to the governance bodies overseeing the investment management process. SHARE provides educational workshops, conferences and tools to pension trustees, investment committees and trust officers to help build their individual capacity and to connect them to national and international peer networks.

Changing the Rules

Changing the rules that underpin the financial system can have a positive impact on how different actors behave. That is why SHARE, together with our clients, engage with policy makers and regulatory bodies to encourage legal reforms supporting greater transparency and accountability from investors and companies.

In the News

Media coverage of SHARE programs, projects, and team members.

Our Partners

SHARE has strategic partnerships with like-minded Canadian and international organizations who help support our diverse work and services.