Dollarama Inc. Shareholder Proposal #3, Adoption of Net Zero Targets

This proposal asks for the adoption interim- and long-term. science-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. This brief addresses the response by the corporation in Dollarama’s 2023 Management Proxy Circular and the analysis of proxy advisory firms.

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State of the Sector

REITs, ESG Disclosures and the Human Right to Housing

Our latest report proposes a set of recommended ESG disclosures for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT. If adopted, REITs could provide the data that would allow investors to identify, manage, prevent and/or mitigate adverse impacts related to the human right to adequate housing in their residential portfolios.

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Asset Manager Questionnaire

SHARE has worked with a group of clients to develop a common questionnaire to assess asset managers’ ESG performance. We invite any asset owner to use the questions to facilitate deeper and effective discussions with your service providers on key ESG concerns.

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Proxy Alert: Shareholder Proposal on 1.5 Degree-Aligned Greenhouse Gas Targets at Dollarama Inc.

Dollarama Inc lacks targets or clear plans in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. SHARE recommends a vote FOR the proposal of adopting net zero targets.

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Rebuttal of Amazon’s Opposition Statement to the Proposal Requesting a Third-Party Assessment of Adherence to Labour Rights Commitments

This document is the response to Amazon’s opposition statement to the proposal requesting a third-party assessment of their adherence to their labour rights commitments.

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FAQ: Labour Rights at Inc

This document offers answers to frequently asked questions about freedom of association and collective bargaining. While it uses Amazon as an example, the answers apply to all companies that abide by the international labor standards discussed.

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Exempt Solicitation: Freedom of Association at Inc.

In the face of unionization efforts at Amazon, Proponents are concerned that Amazon’s conduct contradicts its stated commitment to freedom of association and collective bargaining. In response, investors have filed a shareholder proposal requesting a third-party assessment.

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L’intendance de l’investisseur moteur du changement

Notre approche est unique et efficace. Notre programme d’engagementactionnarial, qui fait partie intégrantedu travail de SHARE, donne aux investisseursinstitutionnels les moyens dedevenir des actionnaires engagés.

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Proxy Alert: Advisory resolution on approach to executive compensation (Say on Pay) at Loblaw

Loblaw Companies increased total compensation for its Principal Executive Officer and largest shareholder, Galen Weston, by 55% in 2022, bringing his total annual compensation to 340 times that of a front-line grocery worker. SHARE recommends voting AGAINST.

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2023 Shareholder Engagement Snapshot

Learn more about our shareholder engagement priorities for the 2023-24 calendar year, including climate, reconciliation and decent work.

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Proxy Alert: Racial Equity Audit Proposals at Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Montreal

The proposals ask RBC and BMO to oversee and publish a third-party racial equity audit analyzing their adverse impacts on non-white stakeholders and communities of colour.

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Proxy Alert: Shareholder proposal on Climate Action Plan (CAP) at Bank of Nova Scotia

Shareholders are asking Scotiabank to report to shareholders on its plans to establish and evaluate the effectiveness of its clients’ net zero plans in relation to the bank’s 2030 emission reduction and net zero goals.

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