Scientists warn of increasing global water scarcity as a result of overconsumption, pollution and a changing climate.

Water is a form of natural capital and constraints in access (either physical regulatory, or financial) will reverberate throughout our economy and affect widely disparate industries. Companies are major consumers of fresh water and have a critical role to play in preserving and protecting fresh water resources through water stewardship planning and practices. Companies that treat water risks as a current strategic challenge and manage their use of and effect on natural capital will be far better positioned in the future. Companies that ignore these challenges put themselves at higher risk.

SHARE is engaging with companies in sectors that are most vulnerable to water risks or whose operations can have serious impacts on water quality and availability.


Understanding Supply Chain Water Risk: The case of cotton

On March 22, 2016 to mark World Water Day, SHARE released an investor brief examining water risk associated with the cotton supply chain.

Building Sustainable Food Systems in Canada

This paper outlines the social and environmental challenges facing Canada’s food system and analyses these challenges from a responsible investment perspective.