SHARE’s proxy voting service allows institutional investors to exercise their voting rights responsibly.

Voting rights attached to common shares have the power to change markets for the better, but they are also hard for governing boards to monitor and manage.

Institutional investors often delegate proxy voting to multiple investment managers with minimal oversight. SHARE provides a range of services to help institutional investors use their voting rights in a more responsible and coherent manner.

SHARE’s proxy voting services include:

Voting Service

SHARE offers a full proxy voting service to enable our clients to exercise their voting rights and influence how companies manage issues and form policy. SHARE analysts evaluate management and shareholder proposals based on extensive guidelines addressing environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards and make voting decisions in the best long-term interests of our clients.

Proxy Voting Auditing

SHARE’s proxy voting audit service makes proxy voting oversight simple and gives governing boards the tools they need to ensure that their shares are voted in a way that aligns with their mission and their beneficiaries’ best interest.

Customized Proxy
Voting Guidelines

SHARE can help you develop customized proxy voting guidelines to help ensure that your proxies are voted responsibly.

Proxy Voting Monitoring

SHARE’s proxy voting monitoring service provides clients with notification, analysis and vote recommendations on key votes that matter to your fund.

See SHARE’s Model Proxy Voting Guidelines for extensive guidance on corporate governance, environmental and social issues emerging on company proxy ballots.

Voir les Lignes directrices sur le vote par procuration en français.

… and learn more about our proxy voting services.

The Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE) is appointed by institutional investors to execute proxies for special and annual meetings of the companies they own. At all times, SHARE will act in the best interests of clients when performing this duty. View our Proxy Voting Services Policy to learn more.