Our Approach

SHARE follows a four-prong approach to responsible investing, encapsulating our values of integrity, collaboration, inclusivity, and action-driven results.

Embracing the Power of Cooperation

Our Investor Initiatives amplify voices in support of a sustainable, inclusive and productive economy.

Building Investor Leadership

We educate and empower investors to establish leading responsible investment policies and practices.

Helping Investors Become Active Owners

We provide an extensive and effective shareholder engagement program at an affordable price.

Changing the Rules

We engage with policy makers and regulators to drive greater transparency and accountability in Canada’s capital markets.




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Our Impact

SHARE actively engages with companies on a number of pressing environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues. Learn more about our research on these key areas of focus.

Human Rights

SHARE engages with companies across a number of different sectors to address human rights abuses in their operations and supply chains.

Climate Action

Climate change is a critical economic, political and moral issue for society as a whole, and presents a formidable challenge for long-term institutional investors.

Decent Work

SHARE’s decent work program encourages a dialogue between shareholders and companies about the link between decent work practices and long-term value.


SHARE works with Indigenous and non-Indigenous investors to amplify voices in support of truth and reconciliation in business and responsible investing.

Action-Oriented, Issues-Driven

Our Initiatives

Learn more about how SHARE’s Investor Initiatives are facilitating action in the areas of climate action, reconciliation, workers’ rights, racial justice and more.

Latest Research

Explore investor briefs, proxy voting reports, policy positions and more in our library of responsible investment resources.

State of the Sector

REITs, ESG Disclosures and the Human Right to Housing

Our latest report proposes a set of recommended ESG disclosures for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT. If adopted, REITs could provide the data that would allow investors to identify, manage, prevent and/or mitigate adverse impacts related to the human right to adequate housing in their residential portfolios.

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Corporate Climate Action Plans (CAPs)

A Brief Guide for Canadian Investors

In this investor brief, SHARE breaks down how investors can hold publicly traded companies accountable for their environmental, social and governance commitments by monitoring their CAP.

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Shared Prosperity

The Investor Case for Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Explore why investors should implement respect for fundamental labour rights, freedom of association, and collective bargaining across their portfolios.

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News & Analysis

Explore some of the recent milestones from across our programs, as well as key op-eds and analysis from our network and team.

Our Network

Through collaboration, SHARE’s network participants are amplifying their voices and calling for meaningful changes in corporate policies and practices, and in capital markets more broadly.


Want to align your investment policies and practices with your mission? SHARE can help with a range of services for mission-driven investors.

Pension Funds

Want to continually develop your responsible investment strategy? SHARE can help your fund devise a clear vision, framework and strategy for responsible investment.


Is your university looking to take further action on climate change? The University Network for Investor Engagement is designed to help universities align their investment portfolios with a just transition to a low carbon economy.

Religious Investors

Are you interested in connecting with like-minded investors on responsible investment? SHARE’s Religious Investors Network brings together faith-based investors and helps them align their investments with their values.

Asset Managers

Are you interested in collaborating with like minded institutions on climate change? Learn how to get involved with Climate Engagement Canada.

Indigenous Trusts

We are committed to building a financial system that empowers Indigenous perspectives, and prioritizes reconciliation as a key component of responsible investing.