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How the BCTF is making history as a responsible investor

Teacher Magazine In May 2019, shareholders of Waste Connections Inc. were asked to vote on whether the company should establish a plan to increase the representation of women in leadership and across its operation, in light of its high gender imbalance compared to peers.

This shareholder proposal was filed by the BCTF, working with us at the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE), a non-profit that helps organizations align their investments with their values. The BCTF has been a SHARE client for the past 20 years, consistently using its influence as an institutional investor to leverage the skills of our team to engage in constructive dialogue with company management.

Shareholder engagement is a way to promote the positive impacts of investments, such as improving diversity within a company, removing barriers to employment for Indigenous people, or increasing investment in renewable energy projects.

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