Why SHARE is joining the Global Climate Strike

On September 27, SHARE staff in Vancouver and Toronto will join the Global Climate Strike.

Climate change is an urgent economic, political and moral issue that presents a fundamental challenge for our society as a whole.

The decisions made by institutional investors today will play a crucial role in determining how society responds to the climate crisis. The trillions of dollars of capital controlled by institutional investors can either support high-carbon or low-carbon capital expenditures. Investors can help scale up or starve promising alternatives and hasten or slow the pace of climate change. It can either help to build a sustainable, inclusive and productive economy or stall its development until the crisis worsens. Our action or inaction will speak volumes about whether our institutions are going to be part of the solution or part of the problem.

SHARE’s community of foundations, pension funds, Indigenous trusts, religious institutions and other investors are concerned not only with the security of their funds and investment returns in light of climate risk, but also with their impact on the world around them. They are acting on those concerns through SHARE by engaging actively with companies, holding companies accountable through proxy voting, and advocating for better government policies and regulations.

We will build on climate action by:

It feels counter-intuitive for us to go on strike when there is so much urgent work to be done. But the Climate Strike is one way to give this issue the attention it needs. We encourage everyone to join us and millions of people around the world, even if only for an hour.

We hope to see you there.

Read more about SHARE’s work on climate risk here.

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